Janek Rozov

Chief Digital Officer (Deputy CIO), Ministry Economic Affairs and Communications, Estonia


Janek Rozov Works for Ministry Economic Affairs since 01.11.2011. The main objective is to assist public sector organizations in their service quality measurement, improvement and cost calculation. Department is leading the standardisation of the delivery of public services and ensuring the develppment of customer centric, phusical and virtual evironments based on available IT solutions. Main aim is move to the seamless public sector services that has offered thru life and business events. Before 01.11.2011 Janek Rozov had been working in Estonian Tax and Customs Board in different positsions. Main task was services quality improvment.


Estonia as a Proactive Government


Estonia has taken aim at ensuring that the next level of development of e-services is the so-called “invisible event services”, where several services related to the same life or business event (so called part-service) are grouped together in such a way that they appear as a single seamless service to the user. The event service is provided proactively, if possible, with a maximum of one click, or (ideally) automatically based on the data. A life event can be, for example, the birth of a child, the construction of a house or retirement; a business event such as starting a business, recruiting an employee or ending a business. The biggest impediment to the development of such services has been the lack of authorities' willingness to assume broader responsibility, including for services within the scope of other institutions, or the lack of cooperation from other institutions with their respective initiatives. In the future, Estonia plans to develop data-based comprehensive services in cooperation with public authorities, linking different areas, levels and institutions and creating a proactive event-based solution for customers.



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